Megger BM100/4 analogue insulation tester

Suitable for testing to the IEE Wiring Regulations

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The Megger


‚ BM100/4 and BM101/4 Insulation and

Continuity Testers provide an insulation test voltage of


V d.c.

The instruments have two continuity measuring ranges:

0 to 2

and 0 to 200

. The BM100/4 has an automatic

voltage indicating facility that warns, before a test is

executed, if the instrument has been inadvertently

connected to an energised supply. This warning is given

by a reading on a 0 to 600 V a.c. scale on the meter; this

scale also monitors the discharging voltage following tests

on a capacitive circuit. The BM101/4 does not have the

voltage indicating facility, but instead has an additional


esistance range of 0 to 1 M


A single rotary switch selects each range, and has a

position for checking the condition of the internal 9 V


eplaceable battery. A push-button is pressed to execute a

test, and upon release, the automatic discharge circuit is

connected across the instrument’s terminals and therefor


across the item under test. Test leads must only be


emoved when the capacitive circuits have discharged.

Readings are shown on an analogue meter; this has a fast


esponse. It has a white-on-black scale and an orange

“dayglow” pointer for clear, easy reading in any lighting

conditions. The tough ABS plastic case incorporates

shrouded safety terminal sockets and test leads with right-

angled connectors to prevent them being accidentally

pulled out of the instrument. There is a shatter-proof

polycarbonate window for protection of the meter. A fold

away support stand allows the user to stand the

instrument up rather than holding it in the hand.

All instruments are tough and robust, well able to

withstand the treatment they are likely to receive in

everyday use or while being carried in an electrician’s


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Megger BM100/4(102.54 KB)

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