Greisinger GMH 2000 teploměr

Greisinger GMH 2000 teploměr

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24 měsíců
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Poskytujeme kalibraci měřících přístrojů v naší akreditované kalibrační laboratoři elektrických veličin K 2356

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Display Range 1: -199.9 to +650.0°C Display Range 2: -199.9 to +999.9°F Measuring range: -199.9 to +650.0°C respectively -327.8 to 1202.0°F (entire Fahrenheit range only available via optional interface GRS232 ) Resolution: 0.1 °C respectively 0.1°F, for the entire display range Device accuracy: 0.03% FS ± 1 digit Linearization: Characteristic curve stored digitally Sensor: Pt 100, 4-wire (Line / sensor lengths, contact-transfer resistance etc. do not influence accuracy) Connection via 4-pin Mini DIN-plug. Please note: Pt 100 sensors are not part of the scope of supply - please order separately ! Switch positions: 0 = off 1 = °C 2 = °F Display: 3 four digit LCD displays to simultaneously display current value (digit height 12.4 mm) as well as min. and max. values (digit heights 7mm each). Tendency display: In case of the temperatures rising or falling an arrow pointing upwards or downwards will be displayed at the left-hand side of the current value. (Tendency of last value measured internally) Sensor damage display: In case of the display showing dotted lines instead of measuring values after the device has been switched on and the segment test completed, the sensor contact has been interrupted, i.e. the sensor is broken, - provided, of course, a suitable measuring sensor GTF 601, GES 601 or GOF 601 is plugged in. In such a case please return sensor for repair. Please note that the same display reading is shown if the device is switched on without a sensor plugged in or if the measuring values are either too high or too low for the acceptable measuring range. Min./max. value memory: Will be activated as soon as device is switched on. Any min. or max. value occuring in active mode will be constantly displayed and updated, if necessary. These values will be deleted as soon as the device is switched off. Working temperature: 0 to 45°C Nominal temperature: 25°C Atmospheric humidity: 0 to 80 % r.F. (not condensing) Power supply: 9V battery type IEC 6F22 (included in scope of supply) or via stabilised power pack GNG09. (Banana plug, 2.5mm dia located below and next to the slide switch). Battery will be automatically disconnected as soon as power pack is connected. Power consumption: max. 10mA Low battery warning: "BAT" displayed automatically in case of low battery Please note: For long-time (permanent) operation we recommend using a power pack. Serial interface: Connection plug for external serial interface, RS232 compatible. (Please order interface module separately) Weight: approx. 250g (measuring sensor not included) Dimensions: approx. 150 x 86 x 30 mm (W x H x D) Impact resistant ABS plastic housing, with integrated pop-up clip for table-top or suspended use and clips for laterally attaching of measuring sensor. Electromagnetic In accordance with EN50081-1 and EN50082-2 for unrestricted use in housing and compatibility: industrial areas. Additional error: <1%

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